Aviation Innovation

SatAuth is about providing secure efficient Tracking and Alerting Solutions to Airline quality and certification standards, which is also easily adapted to Terrestrial or Marine requirements

Call for Innovation

At SatAuth, we're not just about solving problems for today - but thinking about how we can meet your needs for tomorrow. Businesses require solutions which are able to adapt to the changing regulatory environment. Regulations should be embraced as measures for the good of all. The SatAuth product has built in flexibility, which innovates the way in which aviation solutions are delivered. As active members on a number of Aviation workgroups such as AEEC ARINC 680: Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT), AEEC ARINC 681: Timely recovery of Flight Data(TRFD) and ICAO: Location of Aircraft in Distress(LADR), we can not only advise you on the regulations and standards being proposed, but show you how we at SatAuth are able to implement them into your environments.

Designed with the future in mind

In order to anticipate the extended timelines of highly regulated environments, our solution architectures are forward-thinking and wherever possible driven dynamically. A generic adaptable and customisable platform that is not only built for purpose, but built for future purpose. Need to find a solution faster? With years of exposure to the challenges faced by the Aviation industry, the SatAuth solution has been designed to be easily extendable.

Cost Effective

Key success criteria of the Product Development cycle is cost reduction : Shorter installations, dynamic implementation and activation, quicker service, low maintenance and efficient modification. Time efficient solutions make financial sense.

Managed Production

Generic solutions make for efficient manufacturing and dependable results- Our implementation is based on generic principles, with a one size fits all approach. Not only is the manufacturing process securely managed, but also tracked on our highly secure portal. Kits, Parts, components are recorded for provenance, together with installation traceablity. In short, we're a one stop shop for tracking our own solution !

Data Security

There is Unity in our team, and in unity is Security. Developed from a foundation of financial security principles, our systems have been designed within the strictest security constraints to deliver a point to point service. We offer additional tools which can be customised to define and refine data access requirements. Additional encryption or security measures can also be developed to meet your specific requirements.

Our Services


Our team is up-to-date on current and planned international regulations relating to GADSS and ICAO and EASA Safety standards. Shortcut your understanding of how to become compliant by talking to our team.


Need help installing on your commercial Fleet ? We have successfully certified and installed the SatAuth GCP on Commercial Aircraft


The SatAuth solution is a cost effective way to meet ICAO GADSS ADT (inclusive of EASA AMC 1) compliance - and it's flexibility accommodates anticipated regulation changes


We have identified Service Partners to meet your maintenance requirements in close proximity of your Hub - in order to most effectively service your needs.


Tracking information belongs to you. Our additional security considerations makes sure it stays that way

Knowledge Base

SatAuth has develop a Customer portal, which provides a complete chain of evidence from ordering estimates to billing management (and all parts in between!).

Our Team

Paul Roux

The many years of extensive technical experience in building customised communications networks, from board level field repairs to conceptualising a number of innovative new hardware products from the drawing board to functional devices has provided me with invaluable technical experience over the years and has allowed me to keep up with the frantic change of pace in this industry.
Products GCP Solution

Janine Roux

A creative love of problem solving, software programming, and IT technical project management backed by decades of specialist technical experience in the IT industry, from board level firmware to front-end portal and everything in between. Managed technical high-value projects and programme delivery with technical experts of a variety of skills, and recognised as a valuable contributor to the International standards and regulatory workshops.
GCP Products Software Features

Dennis Mack

Extensive experience in corporate finance and fund management, with a focus on sourcing and executing business investment opportunities, and driving growth in the underlying businesses. With the challenges facing aviation in the last two years, success lies in both individual innovation and collaboration through corporate action and consortium partnerships. Creating value for customers is the driving force behind the SatAuth solution – innovation to keep customers ahead of the curve.
Financial Management

Donovan Brink

Manufacturing is in my blood. Always on the look-out for improvements in the manufacturing process which finds the edge. Not only do products meet stringent Aviation quality standards, but are consistent in the production process. Forward planning makes for a delivery process which not only offers efficient turnaround times - but reliability. Mean-time between failure is extended, reducing downtime due to maintenance requirements.

Our Strategic Alliances