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Providing cost effective secure real-time global communications

SatAuth has been a passionate endeavour since the year 2000, whose objectives were committed to providing the most cost-effective solution to real-time acquisition of debit and credit card transactions primarily in the aviation industry as well as areas that have unreliable or no telecommunications infrastructure. The idea to create a communications solution in an environment that traditionally did not have a viable and/or cost-effective linkage to the banks grew with the insurgence into the new millennium. By combining our established skills in IT communications and banking we were able to create a viable solution to meet this challenge. Having overcome numerous hurdles and a stringent testing and compliance processes associated with certifying equipment in the aviation industry, the communication solution morphed into the SatAuth Global Communication Platform or simply put the SatAuth GCP. The SatAuth GCP complies with all the required aviation industry standards, and has been designed to meet compliance for ICAO Concept of Operations for GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety Systems) and EASA CAT.GEN.MPA 210 AMC1 due to be implemented in January 2023. The SatAuth GCP has a competitive edge in the sector, not only with its ease of installation, but also by providing a platform to provide a ROI. The installation, which under normal operating circumstance, can be installed within an A-Check. The SatAuth GCP creates a communications platform for the commercial aviation industry, and in doing so, provides a ROI opportunity - but a facility - with the potential of providing maintenance data, or a banking bridge for in flight sales. We have thoroughly tested the solution on Airbus and flown thousands of commercial hours to verify the GCP solution, and in doing so have achieved a number of world firsts for the product. Contact our team for sample test data and and additional product information.

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd, UK (CAeS) have a long track record of successfully modifying aircraft across both the military and civil markets supported by an extensive set of accreditations which includes EASA Approvals Part 21J (DOA) and Part 21G (POA), CAA BCAR A8-21, UK Military DAOS. CAeS have had the pleasure of developing an excellent relationship with SatAuth over recent years to support the development of their market leading, aircraft tracking capability and in-flight point of sale solution for which CAeS has acted as design authority. CAeS look forward to working with SatAuth as their global footprint develops to include an ever increasing set of aircraft types. View our image gallery from the installation of the A340 here

SAA installation goes Live !
June 10, 2014 Posted bySatAuth in News
SatAuth installs innovative communications infrastructure on an SAA commercial aircraft, facilitating the in-flight testing of the solution in real-time. Following the successful installation of the SatAuth system the SAA Cabin trainer, Satellite Authorisation Systems (SatAuth) with the assistance of SAA has successfully installed its unique communication solution on board the first commercial aircraft, ZS-SLF.
According to SAA Technical representative Helmut Kolar, who has been with SAA for over 30 years, -- SatAuth is unique in that it is the first locally designed South African product with an EASA approved Supplementary Technical Certificate (STC), which has successfully been installed on an SAA aircraft -- This installation now paves the way for the in-flight verification of the communications infrastructure, which is the pre-cursor for the solution to be made commercially available to the aviation industry.
The success of the technical implementation of the SatAuth infrastructure has been confirmed following the return flight of ZS-SLF between O.R. Tambo International Airport and London (UK).
Paul Roux (SatAuth) confirmed that the SatAuth project is --a true ground breaker as new procedures and testing criteria, post the formal certification, are being drafted and executed. Without any precedents, we are finding solutions to ensuring that any identified processes are complied with, while exploring new boundaries in order to complete the validation of the solution within the SAA corporate framework.
The installation onto a commercial airliner facilitates the completion of the proof-of-concept testing as identified by SatAuth in both the local and the international environments. The testing will prove the efficacy of the communications solution, and facilitate the launch of the SatAuth product onto the global aviation market. This process makes an innovative South African product available to the international Duty-Free Retail space, which has been desperately seeking a real-time solution that would remove the financial risk of doing business in the air.
Johannesburg, South Africa, June 10, 2014