Managing Financials

SatAuth is committed to providing access to your financial status with us. From providing estimates for your fleet, to providing cost breakdowns and forecasting your data spend.

Data Use Estimates

Compliance to regulations can be costly - we can help you.
Not only can we supply you a quality system which meets your compliance needs, today, but anticipates change in tomorrow's requirements.
Our Customers can capture their own fleet tracking requirements, and we will estimate your expected financial commitments.

Shape your needs

Need additional tracking intervals for specific aircraft?
Adjust your tracking interval requirement by Fleet, Aircraft Type or individual Aircraft. And yes, these are only estimates, you can design you own system around your specific and individual needs.

Update Dynamically

Key success criteria of the SatAuth Solution is Flexibility :
What makes the SatAuth solution unique, is that you can manage your spend.
Our tools allow you compare your estimated spend against your actual spend, on a month by month basis.

Simple Interfaces

Our SatAuth GCP Portal gives you insight into all these Features and more.
Contact us for a Login, and start exploring the SatAuth world
to find out what we can do for you.

and more...


Our quote estimator should identify your financial commitment to the SatAuth solution - but there may be as yet additional unknown services which you may require,
such as additional classroom training for instance.


Our charts, strive to tell you all you need to know about your financial category spend, as well as spend by designed divisions. Breakdown in spend by account within your company, is a useful tool for managing budgets.


SatAuth Statments strive to tell you all you need to know. From who initiated the charge, which category it falls into, and your associated order numbers.

Billing Analysis

It's always good to know how your financial commitments allocated.