The SatAuth Solution has been recognised by the South African Civil Aviation Agency as the Aviation Innovation Award in 2019 !

Our Passion

For SatAuth, it's not just about another product.
It's about understanding the need to comply with regulations for all the right reasons, fit for purpose - and most importantly - fit for future purpose.
Everyone who has met our team members recognises the passion with which this product has been developed
Our small dynamic team, is able to evaluate required change quickly and so shortcut the time to implementation.

Smart tracking

The SatAuth GCP recognises a craft at rest.
We wake up when you do - saving you costly transmissions and battery life.

Criteria for Success

Key success criteria of the SatAuth Solution:
autonomous : independent of any on-board systems
flexibility : the servers are generic, they can be installed on any craft
quick installation : the solution can be fully functional in under 4 hours
small : with a form factor of 156mm x 202mm x 65mm and a weight of 2.5kg
durability : mean-time-to-failure has not yet been determined - tracking since Jan 2015
communications : global satellite communications (yes! - even across the poles)

Product Testing

Extensive pre-certification testing humidity , G-Force and vibration passed.
Supplementary Technical Certification from EASA obtained
Radiated Emissions testing and more than hundreds of flying hours - transmitting regular tracking signals.

GADSS ADT Compliance

As contributorsto the AEEC ARINC 680: Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT) workshops
and the AEEC ARINC 681: Timely recovery of Flight Data(TRFD) workshops, we are proud to be a recognised Automatic Distress Tracking solution, providing compliance to the ICAO GADSS 6.0 requirements.

ICAO Location of Aircraft in Distress Repository LADR

Contributors to the White Paper detailing the requirements for the ICAO LADR.
We are now working with the EuroControl team formatting and testing automated distress messages in order to become the first certified LADR ADT Contributor.

More Innovations


The SatAuth solution installs in under 4 hours (we need to give the paint time to dry!).
STC certification ensures that other than certified AMO's, no additional technical staff are required to install your solution. The installation can be completed in phases if absolutely necessary, and will be fully functional even without the connectivity to a power source.


We have taken Autonomous to a new level. No integration to Aircraft systems. No costly flight-deck testing requirements


Not only are our transmission packets designed to optimum size, but our physical footprint is reduced to the minimum.
The system is compact 156mmx202mmx76mm and weighs 2.5kg. It has a built in screen, which assists with troubleshooting during the installation process.

Going the extra mile

The built-in battery system is airline approved and certified. The minimum battery life required by EASA is 300 minutes - the SatAuth GCP battery capacity has been tested to 72hrs of continued operations.