Quality Manufacturing

The SatAuth Solution has been designed, manufactured and consistently delivered to Airline qualification standards.

Compact Design

Compliance to regulations can be costly - we can help you. Concerned about on-going, compliance changes?
The GCP system is modular so that your can add products to meet your specific needs now and in the future.

Installation Simplicity

Having trouble locating your devices?
SatAuth can record your GCP-01 installation specifics, so that it can easily be located by your maintenance staff. No specialised equipment is required to activate your tracking system. The SatAuth GCP portal will manage all your interfaces. All you need is access to the internet, and a big screen to be able to display all your unique data.

Generic Application

Key success criteria of the SatAuth Solution is Flexibility : Your assets need to be working for you - and spending less time in maintenance.
The SatAuth system is designed to be hot-swappable.

Simple Interfaces

Our SatAuth GCP Portal gives you insight into all your device installation Specifics.
At a glance, you can determine the Features, location, part numbers and installation information.

Simplified Maintenance

Since our first commercial installation in 2014, we have yet to record a mean-time-to-failure. The system requires no physical intervention to function - which reduces the risk of outages.
System modifications are managed through a secure real-time software interface. Once installed, the system requires no maintenance -
the system is self-monitoring - and will inform the affiliated service centre of software upgrade or battery replacement requirements.



The SatAuth solution installs in under 4 hours (we need to give the paint time to dry!).
STC certification ensures that other than certified AMO's, no additional technical staff are required to install your solution. The installation can be completed in phases if absolutely necessary, and will be fully functional even without the connectivity to a power source.


We have taken Autonomous to a new level. No integration to Aircraft systems. No costly flight-deck testing requirements


Not only are our transmission packets designed to optimum size, but our physical footprint is reduced to the minimum.
The system is compact 156mmx202mmx76mm and weighs 2.5kg (not required to be included in your weight and balance report). It has a built in screen, which assists with troubleshooting during the installation process.

long-life Battery

The built-in battery system is airline approved and certified. It has been tested to 72hrs of continued operations when not connected to a power source. To save battery life however, we propose connectivity to a power source as specified in the STC / Engineering Bulletin