Innovative Software Design

The SatAuth Solution has been designed, to be absolutely Dynamic, and based on security principles founded in the real-time Financial Services industry

Portal Dynamite

This Portal was designed, conceived and developed by the SatAuth team.
Recognizing the need to securely record the complete manufacturing, ordering, training and tracking processes by authorised users, became another passionate endeavour.
We are adding new features and additional support daily - listening to what our customers and partners need - and responding accordingly.

Tracking at the push of a button

Our target is simplicity.
At the push of a button, you can locate your device, change how you track your device, or declare an emergency on your device. No training required.


SatAuth recognizes that security requirements differ.
Although encryption is offered as a standard for tracking transmissions, there are additional built in security features in both our GCP Portal
as well as our server. Customized Customer specific encryption can be offered (with a small development cycle) as well as independent Portal instances.

Separation by Function

Our SatAuth GCP Portal clearly separates functions.
We grant the facility for our Globally distributed Service Centres to effectively support our Customers and log issues or service calls on their behalf, without granting access to sensitive tracking data.


Parameters are core to the functioning of the SatAuth GCP.
Each SatAuth GCP is pre-loaded with a set of default parameters. A SatAuth GCP Portal Authenticated user, can update the customisable subset of parameters in real-time
Thus catering for the needs of your specific fleet, craft type or individual craft
and although no special skill is required to achieve this, an authenticated fingerprint will be required.

more dynamic concepts

Training and Reference

Training and Reference materials are accessible through the portal through the portal training interface.
Classroom training can be scheduled on request through this interface. Progress is recorded through individual trainingprofiles All users training profiles are visible through the company training profile.


As a contributor to the ICAO LADR our system can automatically meet the requirement for Aircraft in distress to transmit their aircraft distress data.
Whereas this is a feature of the system, our customers are required to grant permission to SatAuth to share this data on their behalf.

Location Dynamics

Recognising that a Global communities do not always see eye-to-eye, the SatAuth system has implemented a system of dynamically exploring alternative location constellations.
Should reliability on one reduce, another will be explored - together with dead-reckoning.

ADT Algorithms

Using sensor data collected, in combination with supplementary aircraft data, the SatAuth GCP automatically determines on-board distress conditions.
Our system does not wait for Ground systems to identify distress conditions -
these are automatically activated based on pre-determined algorithms, which have been developed and tested and refined in real-life situations since testing commenced in 2015.