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Privacy Policy

At SatAuth, we pride ourselves on keeping your data private.
This SatAuth Portal has been designed to keep your data safe: The SatAuth Portal has been designed to ensure that all users details are encapsulated in User Profiles.
All Data is securely :

SatAuth retains only sufficient Data in order to provide Excellence in our Support services to our Customers.
Wheras we do love to share our success stories, we will never share your data without your permission- and we do have explicit data share agreements with some of our customers, which allow us to use your data for Research and Development Purposes.


International regulators may require you to share some of your data in the interests of Security, and we have measures in place which through strict certification processes facilitate us to seamlessly do so, but even this is predicated by agreements between our customers and the regulatory bodies , like ICAO and Search and Rescue.
If you’re signed into SatAuth, your views into your personal data remains visible only to you (or your supporting entity)
For example, the portal structure of the SatAuth GCP to identifies you as a part of a Customer, Agent, BDP or Services support team.


We strive to remain current in our efforts to keep all data safe, applying strict security measures designed to keep information safe.