GCP Product Detail


Retail Price in USD :
Please contact our Agents for Pricing Details
Unit Volume Discount at :
various volume structures
Monthly Subscription in USD :
linked to required Data Package
Billing_cycle :
Customer Negotiable, default Monthly in Advance
Service Contract Period :
Typically 36 months
Service Billing Cycle :
Customer selectable, Monthly, or Annually in Advance
Release :
Latest s/w Release on installation
Activation Date :
Activation on aircraft registration allocation
EASA Certification Date :
EASA Certification Num :
STC Certification Num :
Software :
Motherboard :
Launch Date :
1 Apr 2021
Software Update :
up to date
Embedded PC Update :
up to date
Maint Cycle :
Dependent of aircraft type and Power Configuration
Battery :
6V nickel metal hydride
Description :
Robust Military Tracking Server

Features :
This version of the SatAuth GCP has been designed for an environment which requires a more robust application. The server is encased in an aluminium case, and is available in 3 colours to meet your crafts requirements. Whilst the server is autonomous (i.e. self-powered) it is recommended to connect the server to a compatible power source (as per the engineering bulletin). The batteries will provide up to 60 hours continued functionality, should a craft lose the power source. The Server offers additional security features such as an additional custom encryption layer, which can be installed post product delivery. The SatAuth GCP portal provides additional remote access to your devices, facilitating the real-time management by the customer. Parameters can be modified for example, for the data transmission during various aircraft states e.g. Static (on the ground), vs in-Flight.

Available Products :
Product : GADDS Compliant Tracking
Aircraft tracking, to meet GADSS 6.0 requirements