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GADDS Compliant Tracking

Description :
Aircraft tracking, to meet GADSS 6.0 requirements
Retail Price in USD :
Monthly Subscription in USD :
Billing_cycle :
Annually in Advance
Service Contract Period :
3 Year Contract
Service Billing Cycle :
Annually in Advance
Release :
Activation Date :
1 Apr 2021

Features :
The GADSS 6.0 compliant Tracking product, meets the known GADSS requirements for the autonomous tracking of any craft. The tracking intervals can be customised to meet a users requirements, and the tracking data is mapped to a portal where a customer is able to consistently track the craft(s) in real time. Additional Customisable parameters are provided to cater for multiple craft types , weights , tolerances etc. The Tracking product is designed to send additional Distress data to an ICAO interface is so required by the Customer to meet ICAO regulatory requirements for Commercial aircraft tracking.
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