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EASA Cert No
EASA Cert Date
29th June 2014
Product STC Cert No
Maint Cycle (weeks)
8.5V nickel metal hydride
Retail Price USD
Available on Application
Discount @
100 units

Commercial GCP

Features :
This server has been designed to meet not only the GADSS 6.0 tracking requirements, but also the Autonomous Distress Tracking requirements. Automated distress detection algorithms have been designed to identify not only distress conditions, but also alert and warning conditions. The tolerances for these parameters have been pre-determined based on in-flight test data gathered by cross-atlantic flights on a commercial aircraft in excess of 27 000kg. These parameters are adjustable to meet your needs, e.g. for trainer aircraft, where these alerts may not be applicable. The EASA mandated tolerances however, cannot be suppressed or altered. This is to ensure that your aircraft is compliant with identified regulations. On request, the distress data can automatically be directed into ICAO's LADR (Location of Aircraft Repository

Available Products :

Product : Enhanced Tracking
Aircraft tracking, to meet GADSS 6.0 requirements

Product : GADDS Compliant Tracking
Aircraft tracking, to meet GADSS 6.0 requirements

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