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SatAuth wins another TWO awards for Excellence !

We are delighted to announce that Satellite Authorisation System (Pty) Ltd. has been the recipient of TWO 2020 African Excellence Awards. Satellite Authorisation System (Pty) Ltd. has been awarded: Most Innovative Aviation ICT Company 2020 and Most Innovative Communications & Navigation Device: SatAuth GCP "Satellite Authorisation System (Pty) Ltd. like all the victors, has demonstrated excellence, commitment, dedication to the Industry." - MEA Markets. We would like to extend Congratulations to the entire team, without which this award would not have been possible. Special mention needs to be extended to the CodeMagus hero's led by Dr Stephen Donaldson. Recognition well deserved by all, as we continue to excel, and improve on an already award winning SatAuthGCP product! #AviationICT #AviationInnovation #CommunicationAndNavigation #tracking #GADSS #trackingsolutions #CodeMagus #AfricanExcellence

This is a Customer Post

Hi ! We're excited to start testing the new SatAuth Tracking solution !

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